DDBJ detected that a part of Japan Patent Office (JPO) sequence data were distributed as amino acid sequence (AA) data having incorrect sequence by non-one letter symbol and the nucleotide sequence (NS) data whose sequence are possibly written by amino acid sequence.
Therefore DDBJ validated molecular type and sequence composition character obtained from the sequence number on patent publication in all JPO data.
We released the lists of verified entries as JPO_AAwith3L and JPO_NAwithAA.

[AA data with possibility of non-one letter symbol sequence]
File name:JPO_AAwith3L

[NS data with possibility of amino acid sequence]
File name:JPO_NAwithAA

JPO_AAwithNA has been distributed as the list of AA data with possibility of nucleotide sequence since 2016. DDBJ also validated AA data transferred before February 2016 by patent publication, and added large number of entries.

File name:JPO_AAwithNA

README.TXT was revised composition contents to explain new lists. Therefore, when you check those lists, please also refer this file.