IGSR: The International Genome Sample Resource collects and releases high-coverage 1000 Genomes samples sequencing data and analyzed vcf/bam and the other open-access human individual genome sequencing data.

Bioinformation and DDBJ Center has mirrored large-scale datasets to improve our supercomputer analysis environment. In this May, we mirrored 1000 genomes NCBI ftp data.

In this November, IGSR newly-released high-coverage 1000 Genomes samples whole genome sequence data and we are downloading them.

To date, we have mirrored one of the IGSR data collection "Simons Diversity Project" (not part of 1000 Genomes) ERR Run SRA files.

Simons Diversity Project ERR Run accession list:

ERR Run SRA filepath examples:

  • ftp://ftp.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/ddbj_database/dra/sralite/ByExp/litesra/ERX/ERX109/ERX1097985/ERR1019045/ERR1019045.sra
  • ftp://ftp.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/ddbj_database/dra/sralite/ByExp/litesra/ERX/ERX110/ERX1104489/ERR1419152/ERR1419152.sra
  • ftp://ftp.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/ddbj_database/dra/sralite/ByExp/litesra/ERX/ERX146/ERX1462750/ERR1425293/ERR1425293.sra

To convert SRA file to fastq, please see HowTo: fasterq dump.