DDBJ released sequence data of date plum (Diospyros lotus), which had been submitted by Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

BEWH01000001-BEWH01008975 (8,975 entries) BEWH.gz
WGS (male): </dl>
DRR103323-DRR103342 (DRA006182)
DRR103343-DRR103362 (DRA006183)
DRR103363-DRR103383 (DRA006184)
WGS (female): </dl>
DRR101617-DRR101618 (DRA006168)
RAD-Seq: </dl>
DRR101619-DRR101739 (DRA006169)
DRR101740-DRR101794 (DRA006170)
DRR101795-DRR101843 (DRA006171)
DRR101844-DRR101896 (DRA006172)
DRR101897-DRR101963 (DRA006173)
DRR101964-DRR102027 (DRA006174)
GBS: </dl>
DRR102028-DRR102162 (DRA006175)
DRR102163-DRR102299 (DRA006176)
RNA-Seq: </dl>
DRR102300-DRR102307 (DRA006177)