DDBJ released sequence data of an Ascomycete species (Usnea hakonensis) and a green algae (Trebouxia sp. TZW2008), composing a lichen, which had been submitted by Swedish Museum of Natural History.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Usnea hakonensis
WGS: BLJB01000001-BLJB01000879 (879 entries) BLJB.gz
DRA genome: DRR200332 (DRA009335)
DRA RNA-Seq: DRR200320-DRR200325 (DRA009335)
Trebouxia sp. TZW2008
WGS BDIU01000001-BDIU01000677 (677 entries) BDIU.gz
DRA genome: DRR077248 (DRA005288)
DRA RNA-Seq: DRR200326-DRR200331 (DRA009335)
mixed sample of Usnea hakonensis and Trebouxia sp. TZW2008
DRA RNA-Seq: DRR200311-DRR2020-03-19 (DRA009335)