DDBJ released sequence data of eighteen coral species, which had been submitted by the University of Tokyo.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Acropora tenuis
WGS BLAZ01000001-BLAZ01001538 (1,538 entries) BLAZ.gz
DRA DRR192018-DRR192024 (DRA008981)
Acropora acuminata
WGS BLEZ01000001-BLEZ01003293 (3,293 entries) BLEZ.gz
DRA DRR194149-DRR194153 (DRA009058)
Acropora awi
WGS BLFA01000001-BLFA01002821 (2,821 entries) BLFA.gz
DRA DRR194154-DRR194158 (DRA009058)
Acropora cytherea
WGS BLFB01000001-BLFB01004046 (4,046 entries) BLFB.gz
DRA DRR194159-DRR194163 (DRA009058)
Acropora digitifera
WGS BLFC01000001-BLFC01000955 (955 entries) BLFC.gz
DRA DRR194164-DRR194167 (DRA009058)
Acropora echinata
WGS BLFD01000001-BLFD01002002 (2,002 entries) BLFD.gz
DRA DRR194168-DRR194172 (DRA009058)
Acropora florida
WGS BLFE01000001-BLFE01006979 (6,979 entries) BLFE.gz
DRA DRR194173-DRR194177 (DRA009058)
Acropora gemmifera
WGS BLFF01000001-BLFF01002274 (2,274 entries) BLFF.gz
DRA DRR194178-DRR194182 (DRA009058)
Acropora hyacinthus
WGS BLFG01000001-BLFG01002758 (2,758 entries) BLFG.gz
DRA DRR194183-DRR194187 (DRA009058)
Acropora intermedia
WGS BLFH01000001-BLFH01006224 (6,224 entries) BLFH.gz
DRA DRR194188-DRR194192 (DRA009058)
Acropora microphthalma
WGS BLFI01000001-BLFI01004878 (4,878 entries) BLFI.gz
DRA DRR194193-DRR194197 (DRA009058)
Acropora muricata
WGS BLFJ01000001-BLFJ01006861 (6,861 entries) BLFJ.gz
DRA DRR194198-DRR194202 (DRA009058)
Astreopora myriophthalma
WGS BLFK01000001-BLFK01001149 (1,149 entries) BLFK.gz
DRA DRR194223-DRR194227 (DRA009058)
Acropora nasuta
WGS BLFL01000001-BLFL01004717 (4,717 entries) BLFL.gz
DRA DRR194203-DRR194207 (DRA009058)
Acropora selago
WGS BLFM01000001-BLFM01005816 (5,816 entries) BLFM.gz
DRA DRR194208-DRR194212 (DRA009058)
Acropora yongei
WGS BLFN01000001-BLFN01001010 (1,010 entries) BLFN.gz
DRA DRR194218-DRR194222 (DRA009058)
Montipora cactus
WGS BLFO01000001-BLFO01004925 (4,925 entries) BLFO.gz
DRA DRR194228-DRR194232 (DRA009058)
Montipora efflorescens
WGS BLFP01000001-BLFP01005162 (5,162 entries) BLFP.gz
DRA DRR194233-DRR194237 (DRA009058)