DDBJ released sequence data of six spiders (genus Octonoba), which had been submitted by Keio University.

The accession numbers are as follows.

Octonoba okinawensis
spidroin mRNAs: LC570196-LC570204 ( 9 entries)
TSA: IALW01000001-IALW01038452 (38,452 entries) IALW.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR155866 (DRA007528), genome DRR238369 (DRA010540)
Octonoba yesoensis
spidroin mRNAs: LC570241-LC570252 (12 entries)
TSA: IAQA01000001-IAQA01044186 (44,186 entries) IAQA.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR155974 (DRA007528)
Octonoba varians
spidroin mRNAs: LC570229-LC570240 (12 entries)
TSA: IAST01000001-IAST01041438 (41,438 entries) IAST.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR156045 (DRA007528), genome DRR238370 (DRA010540)
Octonoba sybotides
spidroin mRNAs: LC570217-LC570228 (12 entries)
TSA: IAUX01000001-IAUX01039949 (39,949 entries) IAUX.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR156101 (DRA007528), genome DRR238371 (DRA010540)
Octonoba grandiconcava
spidroin mRNAs: LC570186-LC570195 (10 entries)
TSA: ICDQ01000001-ICDQ01046746 (46,746 entries) ICDQ.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR157004 (DRA007529)
Octonoba grandiprojecta
spidroin mRNAs: LC570205-LC570216 (12 entries)
TSA: ICKD01000001-ICKD01039972 (39,972 entries) ICKD.gz
DRA: RNA-Seq DRR157173 (DRA007529) </dl>