DDBJ released sequence data of green algae 15 strains, which had been submitted by National Institute for Environmental Studies.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

Chloromonas difformis NIES-2215
TSA ICPU01000001-ICPU01018312 (18,312 entries) ICPU.gz
DRA DRR231186 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas typhlos NIES-2243
TSA ICPV01000001-ICPV01021145 (21,145 entries) ICPV.gz
DRA DRR231187 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas krienitzii NIES-3753
TSA ICPW01000001-ICPW01001000 (1,000 entries) ICPW.gz
DRA DRR231189 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas muramotoi NIES-4284
TSA ICPX01000001-ICPX01001228 (1,228 entries) ICPX.gz
DRA DRR231190 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas chlorococcoides SAG 12.96
TSA ICPY01000001-ICPY01011944 (11,944 entries) ICPY.gz
DRA DRR231178 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas chlorococcoides SAG 15.82
TSA ICPZ01000001-ICPZ01001618 (1,618 entries) ICPZ.gz
DRA DRR231179 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas chlorococcoides SAG 16.82
TSA ICQA01000001-ICQA01014335 (14,335 entries) ICQA.gz
DRA DRR231180 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas typhlos SAG 26.86
TSA ICQB01000001-ICQB01000873 (873 entries) ICQB.gz
DRA DRR231188 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas reticulata SAG 26.90
TSA ICQC01000001-ICQC01000652 (652 entries) ICQC.gz
DRA DRR231182 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas reticulata SAG 29.83
TSA ICQD01000001-ICQD01019608 (19,608 entries) ICQD.gz
DRA DRR231183 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas reticulata SAG 32.86
TSA ICQE01000001-ICQE01006092 (6,092 entries) ICQE.gz
DRA DRR231184 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas rosae SAG 51.72
TSA ICQF01000001-ICQF01001138 (1,138 entries) ICQF.gz
DRA DRR231185 (DRA010268)
Chloromonas chlorococcoides SAG 72.81
TSA ICQG01000001-ICQG01001076 (1,076 entries) ICQG.gz
DRA DRR231181 (DRA010268)
Carteria cerasiformis NIES-424
TSA ICQZ01000001-ICQZ01028017 (28,017 entries) ICQZ.gz
DRA DRR228661, DRR228663 (DRA010226)
Carteria cerasiformis NIES-425
TSA ICRA01000001-ICRA01031094 (31,094 entries) ICRA.gz
DRA DRR228662, DRR228664 (DRA010226)