Services have been resumed. (2021-3-26 15:28). Thank you for your cooperation.
Due to NIG Supercomputer maintenance, submission, search and analysis services of DDBJ Center will be unavailable on the following schedule.

Services Schedule (JST)
・DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System March 18(Thr) 10:00 - March 26(Fri) 10:00
・DRA validation
・GEA validation
March 18(Thr) 14:00 - March 26(Fri) 12:00
・DRA Search
・BioProject Search
・BioSample Search
・GEA reviewer access
・NBDC Application System
・AGD Submission/Download Tool
・AGD Meta Viewer
March 19(Fri) 13:00 - March 25(Thr) 24:00
・NIG Supercomputer
・DDBJ FTP Service
March 22(Mon) 9:00 ~ March 25(Thr) 24:00

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.