In September 2020, the JGA system was renewed and integrated with the NBDC application system. We will import the past data before new system release on 15th March 2021.
After the data import, following email notifications will be sent from the system. AGD is not affected.

  • The NBDC Guideline requires data users to submit annual data report(s) and an end report regarding data use. If these reports have not been submitted, remind email(s) will be sent to the users. When necessary reports have not been reported for a long period, email notifications will also be sent to the head of the applicant’s organization.
  • Past applications are imported without attached application documents. We will upload necessary documents to the past applications after the data import.
  • Before the data import, duplicated applications were created for data operation. After the data import, these duplicated applications will be deprecated. Please use corresponding past application instead of these deprecated ones.
  • Bioinformation and DDBJ Center created groups for the past data. The group members may be added or removed by applicants.
  • If you have questions regarding the imported applications, please contact NBDC.