The following events and troubles have been seen since the BioProject/BioSample/DRA/GEA/D-way services re-start in 29th September 2021.
Please respond to some of these troubles as indicated. We are working to fix these troubles.

The all below problems have been resolved (2021-10-15).

  • Links “Forgot username or password (English, Japanese)?” in the D-way login page do not work. → We will fix them. In the meantime, send your password change request from Contact us
  • [2021-10-06 resolved] A email address confirmation mail is not sent when creating a new D-way account. → Under investigation. Send your account creation request to Contact us along with an account ID you want.
  • [2021-10-06 17:00 resolved] When executing scp command to ftp-private, “bash: scp: command not found” is shown. → Under investigation. This happens for newly created D-way accounts after the services re-start.