The beta-version of new BioProject/BioSample/SRA search system has been released.
The contents are not up-to-date.

The search indexes BioProject/BioSample/SRA public data released from INSDC (NCBI/EBI/DDBJ Center) in addition to JGA data.

In the “Select type”, you can filter the data type.
The types and accession prefixes are as follows.

  • biosample: BioSample (SAMD/SAME/SAMN)
  • sra-run: SRA Run (DRR/ERR/SRR)
  • sra-experiment: SRA Experiment (DRX/ERX/SRX)
  • sra-sample: SRA Sample (DRS/ERS/SRS)
  • sra-submission: SRA Submission (DRA/ERA/SRA)
  • bioproject: BioProject (PRJD/PRJE/PRJN)
  • sra-study: SRA Study (DRP/ERP/SRP)
  • sra-analysis: SRA Analysis (DRZ/ERZ/SRZ)
  • jga-dataset: JGA Dataset
  • jga-study: JGA Study
  • jga-policy: JGA Policy
  • jga-dac: JGA DAC

The DRASearch will be closed on the occasion of the next supercomputer maintenance “November 10th-19th, suspension of DDBJ services due to NIG supercomputer maintenance”.
After the DRASearch closure, links to accession numbers will be redirected to new ones.

Submission accession: –>

Experiment accession: –>

Run accession: –>

Please send your feedbacks at BioProject/BioSample/SRA 新検索システムへのご意見を受け付けております.

We will add necessary functionalities such as fastq/sra file download links before the DRASearch retirement.
The new system load public DRA data from NCBI and it will be switched to the DRA ftp in December, this year.

We will continue to improve the new system.