Bioinformation and DDBJ Center joins the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) which promotes international standards for sharing human genomics data.
We operate the controlled-access database “Japanese Genotype-phenotype Archive” with NBDC.
Use of JGA datasets are restricted by a number of data use restrictions based on informed consents. It is necessary to search and organize the datasets by using ontology for data use restrictions.
The GA4GH tackles this issue in the Data Use & Researcher Identities (DURI) work stream. As an achivement of this work stream, the Data Use Ontology (DUO) was published as an paper. Chihiro Hata, Ph.D., curator of DDBJ Center, participates this activity. We will use DUO for the JGA datasets search and improve DAC reviewing processes at NBDC.

  • The Data Use Ontology to streamline responsible access to human biomedical datasets Jonathan Lawson, Moran N. Cabili, Giselle Kerry, Tiffany Boughtwood, Adrian Thorogood, Pinar Alper, Sarion R. Bowers, Rebecca R. Boyles, Anthony J. Brookes, Matthew Brush, Tony Burdett, Hayley Clissold, Stacey Donnelly, Stephanie O.M. Dyke, Mallory A. Freeberg, Melissa A. Haendel, Chihiro Hata, Petr Holub, Francis Jeanson, Aina Jene, Minae Kawashima, Shuichi Kawashima, Melissa Konopko, Irene Kyomugisha, Haoyuan Li, Mikael Linden, Laura Lyman Rodriguez, Mizuki Morita, Nicola Mulder, Jean Muller, Satoshi Nagaie, Jamal Nasir, Soichi Ogishima, Vivian Ota Wang, Laura D. Paglione, Ravi N. Pandya, Helen Parkinson, Anthony A. Philippakis, Fabian Prasser, Jordi Rambla, Kathy Reinold, Gregory A. Rushton, Andrea Saltzman, Gary Saunders, Heidi J. Sofia, John D. Spalding, Morris A. Swertz, Ilia Tulchinsky, Esther J. van Enckevort, Susheel Varma, Craig Voisin, Natsuko Yamamoto, Chisato Yamasaki, Lyndon Zass, Jaime M. Guidry Auvil, Tommi H. Nyrönen, Mélanie Courtot Cell Genomics 2021 doi: 10.1016/j.xgen.2021.100028