December 14, 2021 – March 25, 2022 10.00 a.m. (JST)


  1. Extra lines (java execution log lines) had been included in part of DAD files that were published during the period above. All files have been fixed now. We would like to ask the users, who have obtained the DAD files during the period, to download again.
  2. The extra lines (java execution log lines) are included in the DAD data (see below) if you obtained them from getentry. It will be fixed in a few days.
    BBD82241.1, ARE12246.1, UGV24205.1, UGY88598.1, BBB21625.1, UHC16378.1, BBJ00831.1, AAC12265.1, BAD11956.1, BAB32809.1, BCB35106.1, UHQ23135.1, BCP56543.1, UHS55323.1, AYA01208.1, UHU64898.1, AGG40274.1, AGF36285.1, UHX60240.1, BCR35108.1, BAA76444.1, AAF03875.2, AAG02583.1, AAN06173.1, UII13161.1, UIJ37995.1, BDD89544.1, BBC15102.1, QOE25140.1, BAI66320.1, UAD37694.1, UIX76064.1, BBC20537.1, BDB46555.1, BDE02099.1, BBU37629.1, AAF01132.2, QKL42143.1, QTH36189.1, BAB16797.3, AAQ13764.1, BAF43601.1, BAE48221.1, BDE65316.1, UJV46286.1, UJV65324.1, BCS84108.1, BDC90129.1, BAH97076.1, BAD91220.1, BAN14782.1, AAT69433.1, UKI12025.1, BCA78214.1, QBY02564.1, BAH29974.1, ACS98681.1, BDF88550.1, UKT64179.1, UKU85270.1, BAI99501.1, BCS90544.1, BDF93163.1, UJJ31617.1, AAM91914.1, BAH66838.1, UKZ80138.1, ULG69234.1, BBL45182.1, ULL12436.1, BAI77007.1, AAG23139.1, ULS48047.1, QJA18321.1, BBA84112.1, ULX50405.1, BDF97700.1, BDB39555.1, BBG74318.1, APR44856.1, ULX45551.1, BAU58997.1, BAC10652.1, BDG66351.1, BAJ40581.1, BDG70072.1, UAA34379.1, QSV09011.1, UNB58563.1, BDG82441.1, BAA95219.1, QAA30211.1, BBL94770.1, UNJ29755.1, UNJ89439.1, BAG31248.1, BDH21467.1