2022-06-01 This problem was fixed.

There has been troubles in the BioSample taxonomy_id auto-correction.
When a BioSample tsv with an organism name registered in the NCBI Taxonomy in the organism attribute and the taxonomy_id attribute empty, a taxonomy_id is normally auto-filled. However, a taxonomy_id has not been auto-filled duo to troubles.

We would like to ask submitters to submit BioSample tsv with taxonomy_id values.

If you upload the following tsv (taxonomy_ids are empty) in the ATTRIBUTES in D-way, warning messages regarding taxonomy_id auto-correction are displayed.

If you submit this tsv, the submission will fail.

To avoid the error, please enter “3702” in the taxonomy_id attributes.

You can submit the tsv with taxonomy_id values.

For a novel organism without registered taxonomy, please submit as before or contact us.