We have released improved MSS Application Form that supports seamless connection to DFAST and the SFTP server.

What’s new

  • Submission with DFAST job ID
  • Reading and submitting the files uploaded in the /mass directory of SFTP server
  • Showing the list of past submission in user’s home site

The former version has no function to directly import the submission files from DFAST and SFTP server. As to DFAST, the submitters had to download the annotations from DFAST and upload them to the form, even if the submission files are properly created in DFAST server. The current MSS Application Form become able to import the submission files from DFAST with the job ID, and also read the files uploaded in /mass directory of DDBJ SFTP server. Moreover, the history table has been available as a new function so that the submitters can confirm the submission ID and what files are submitted.

We hope that the new version can offer a convenience service to the submitters especially who want to submit genome sequences.