The followings were changed in the D-way account and the DRA center name at 20th December 2023.

D-way account

For the DRA center name discontinuation, enrichment of submitter information and to obtain statistics by country, we added necessary account information fields. In addition, three fields “Department (1)/Department (2)/Lab/Group” were merged to one field “Laboratory, Faculty, Department”. Enter the first level name of your institution in “Organization” and the below level name(s) in “Laboratory, Faculty, Department” (for example, “Organization”=National Institute of Genetics, “Laboratory, Faculty, Department”=Genome Informatics Laboratory, Department of Informatics).

Account information fields (* required)

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Middle Name
  • Email*
  • Organization* (made mandatory)
  • Laboratory, Faculty, Department
  • Organization URL
  • Country* (made mandatory)
  • Postal code/Zip code
  • State/Prefecture
  • City* (made mandatory)
  • Street
  • Phone
  • Fax

When you first login D-way after 20th December 2023, an account information input page will be prompted if required fields are missing. After clicking the Update button, entered information will be reflected in 10 minutes. Please login again after 10 minutes. After required fields are provided, you can submit to our databases.

DRA center name discontinuation

INSDC SRA assigned an abbreviation to a submitting organization (for example, NIG for National Institute of Genetics) and use it as a center name. NCBI/ENA SRAs use an organization name as a center name. DRA uses a top-level organization name in Organization (max. 80 characters) as a center name. In the DRA submission web interface, an organization name is copied to the Submitting organization (former center name) as an editable value.
Center names of past DRA submissions are retained. In addition, we stop to use the lab_name field for lower-level organization name(s).
INSDC will introduce fields for more enriched submitter information in BioProject.

To enable DRA/GEA submissions in the D-way account, it was needed to register both center name and public key. After 20th December 2023, only a public key registration will be required.