getentry is the entry retrieval system by accession numbers etc., which is provided by DDBJ via WWW and WebAPI.

In June, 2008, in displaying the sequences of CON entries, 2 problems had happened.
Details are as follows.
Problems happened in June, 2008
(1) When a cited piece entry is described with "complement" operator in a CON entry, the sequence span cited from the piece entry is processed as the forward strand, whereas it should be processed into the complementary sequence (Fixed in Jul, 2008)
(2) When the piece entry of retrieved CON entry contains a CON entry, it can not be processed correctly.
Problems fixed in January, 2009
(1) Contents of the problems
In the getentry, to get the conjugated sequences of CON entries, two methods (display on browser and FTP) are provided. However, neither of two methods works properly in the case of retrieving CON entries under the following conditions.

(2)Affected services: getentry, ARSA, Web API (GetEntry )
(3)Measure completed date: January 13, 2009
(4)Reference: Apology for the defective results of CON entries in getentry(June 20, 2008)

We sincerely apologize for your long time inconvenience.