We at DDBJ will temporally close our office during the New Year Holidays, in observance of the Japanese custom, New DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System and data release are also closed.
However, the computer search/analysis and FTP are available as usual.

Web form posting and E-mail sending for inquiries of data submission, data update, search/analysis, supercomputer account application, D-way system, etc., are available throughout the holidays. But, please note in advance that replies from DDBJ is after the reopening of the office in January, 2014.[make_table set_width=650px title_font_weight=normal zebra=yes zebra_color=#efece5]DDBJ office close:Dec. 28(Sat), 2013 - Jan. 5(Sun), 2014     New DDBJ Nucleotide
    Sequence Submission System:Dec. 26(Thu), 2013 at 17:00(JST)
     - Jan. 6(Mon), 2014 at 12:00(JST)Data release suspensionDec. 26(Thu), 2013 - Jan. 6(Mon), 2014 Reply for inquiries
(submission, search/analysis, supercomputer):Dec. 28(Sat), 2013 - Jan. 5(Sun), 2014    DRA/BioProject Accession No. issue :Dec. 28(Sat), 2013 - Jan. 5(Sun), 2014    [/make_table]Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
December 11, 2013     DDBJ