DDBJ released genome and transcriptome data of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) which had been submitted by Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.

The accession numbers are as follows. They are available on getentry or DRASearch.

HTC (full length insert cDNA)
AK406520-AK407765, AK407767-AK410326, AK410328-AK410473, AK410475-AK410519,
AK410521-AK410553, AK410555-AK410823, AK410825-AK411144, AK411146-AK411166,
AK411168-AK411382, AK411384-AK411486, AK411488-AK411994, AK411996-AK412150,
AK412152-AK412174, AK412176-AK412481, AK412483-AK413809, AK413811-AK414131,
AK414133-AK414473, AK414475-AK415106, AK415108-AK416748, AK416865-AK416866 (10,213 entries)
FY225484-FY260943, FY261885-FY298838, FY762882-FY780692 (90,225 entries)
FX334350-FX347193 (12,844 entries)
DRA: DRR001824-DRR001831 (DRA000521)