DDBJ released sequence data of two azalea species (Rhododendron kiyosumense, Rhododendron mucronatum var. ripense), which had been submitted by Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

The accession numbers are as follows.
They are available on getentry or DRASearch.


Rhododendron kiyosumense

BPLS01000001-BPLS01032308 (32,308 entries) BPLS.gz

Rhododendron mucronatum var. ripense

BPLT01000001-BPLT01000319 (319 entries) BPLT.gz


Rhododendron kiyosumense: flower

ICRO01000001-ICRO01035785 (35,785 entries) ICRO.gz

Rhododendron kiyosumense: leaf

ICRP01000001-ICRP01048041 (48,041 entries) ICRP.gz


Rhododendron kiyosumense: WGS

DRR299053, DRR299054 (DRA012155)

Rhododendron kiyosumense: TSA, flower

DRR299055 (DRA012155)

Rhododendron kiyosumense: TSA, leaf

DRR299056 (DRA012155)

Rhododendron mucronatum var. ripense

DRR298904-DRR298907 (DRA012151)