MetaboBank is a public repository for metabolomics data obtained from mass spectrometry (MS), NMR, and imaging MS. Metadata are described in the MAGE-TAB format, which is standard in functional genomics (GEA and EBI ArrayExpress) and proteomics (SDRF-Proteomics. MAGE-TAB is also compatible with ISA-TAB used by the MetaboLights at EBI. MetaboBank and MetaboLights collaborates in data standardization.

Submission of research data from human subjects
For submitting data from human subjects (human data) to the databases of Bioinformation and DDBJ center, the submitter is responsible for ensuring that the dignity and rights of human subjects are protected in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances, guidelines and policies of the submitter’s institution. In principle, please make sure to remove any direct personal identifiers of human subjects from your submission data. Before submitting human data, please read “Submission of research data from human subjects”.