At 17th May 2023, DDBJ BioSample implemented two changes.
Both changes is one of INSDC’s efforts to improve utility of sequence data and sample traceability.

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null value reporting

The way of null value reporting was changed at DDBJ BioSample.
When values are missing for required attributes, it is recommended to enter one of eight “reporting level terms” following the term “missing”. If these are not appropriate, enter “missing” or “not collected” as before.


  • missing: control sample
  • missing: sample group
  • missing: synthetic construct
  • missing: lab stock
  • missing: third party data
  • missing: data agreement established pre-2023
  • missing: endangered species
  • missing: human-identifiable

See Missing value reporting for details.

Sample location, collection date and time

DDBJ BioSample made sample location and collection date description mandatory.

  • Location of collection: Specification of where the biological sample was collected, at a minimum, by using the names for countries, oceans, or seas. Relevant attribute is BioSample geo_loc_name.
  • Date and time of collection: Date and time when the specimen was collected, at least to the nearest year. Relevant attribute is BioSample collection_date.

See Sample attributes for details.