The applications to NBDC, JGA submissions and downloads are managed through groups consisting from D-way account holders as members. Through groups, a principal investigator (PI) and applicant are able to co-manage data without sharing their accounts. The PI is able to keep access rights properly by removing members when they leave the PI's laboratory. Regarding groups, please see "Group" for details.

Data submitter group

The applications to NBDC and JGA data submissions are managed by data submitter groups. In the NBDC application system, create a group before submitting a data submission application. Include the PI who is responsible for the submission and applicant who actually submits data as members. In the new JGA system, submitters need to be members instead of listed in the JGA Submission.

In the NBDC system, select "Create Group" in the left menu. In the "Create Group" window, enter the name and description of the group, and choose the "Data Submitter Group" and click Save button.

Create a data submitter group

A subgrp ID (for example, subgrp5352) is assigned to the data submitter group.

Assigned subgrp ID

The account holder (account_b) who creates the group become the group owner. In the Member tab, the owner can invite a member. Click "Invite" in the "Edit Group" window.

Edit group

Enter an account ID (account_c) or an e-mail address of an account to be invited. Send an invitation e-mail by clicking "Invite".

Invite a member

If the invited account holder click a link in the invitation e-mail, he/she will be added as a member.

Addition of a member

The account_c of the PI is added.

In this data submission application and subsequent JGA submission, account_c and account_b are submitters. After finishing the submission, the account_b can transfer PI and Owner to account_c.