WABI (Web API for Biology)

WABI is a web API for using the search services of the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) without needing to navigate the web front-end. Through the web API, you can develop program code that can query the DDBJ search service and obtain search results.

For example, the following shows the URI for searching BLAST based on particular criteria, and the corresponding response received after sending the URI as a GET HTTP request.

 2        "address": "",
 3        "database": "hum",
 4        "datasets": "ddbjall",
 5        "format": "text",
 6        "parameters": " -v 100 -b 100 -e 10 -F F -W 11 ",
 7        "program": "blastn",
 8        "querySequence": ">my query sequence\nCACCCTCTCT\nTCACTGGAAA\nGGACACCATG\nAGCACGGAAA\nGCATGATCCA\nGGACGTGGAA\n",
 9        "result": "www" 

WABI currently provides the following web APIs: