DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Submission System (NSSS)

Submission of research data from human subjects

For all data from human subjects researches submitted to DDBJ, it is submitter's responsibility to ensure that the dignity and the right of participant (human subject) is protected in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies of submitter's institute.
In principle, make sure to remove any direct personal identifiers of human subjects from your submissions.
Before submission, read "Submission of research data from human subjects".

How to submit

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System requirements:Firefox or Chrome. Not work on Microsoft Edge.


The first-time submission
Please read the descriptions of "Nucleotide Sequence Submission" and "Categories for Sequence Data".
Maximum number of 1 submission: 1024 (depends on PC environment/sequence length)
TPA data submission is also acceptable via this system.
Check your sequences by VecScreen to exclude vector sequences before submission.。
Use MSS for:
  • long sequences (greater than 500 kb)
  • complex submission containing many features (more than 30).
Resume the submission
You can Resume the submission from the bookmark of the page.
Recommended browsers
We recommend to use Firefox and Chrome for this submission system. We confirmed Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 does not work to use this system.

Updates/ Questions

  • This system accepts only new submissions. DO NOT send update request via this system.
    After getting accession number(s), send request/question from Update..
  • If you encounter any problem during submission, please contact us with "Submission ID"
    through contact form.
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